What is Can Do?

Can Do is created by International Education Media Co., Ltd. on the principle that students have unlimited potential to achieve their highest goals. Hence, our duty is to provide the best learning tools so that students can thrive in education.

Can Do…

  • Is committed to providing what’s best for the education.
  • Curriculum is based on

• Anglia Examinations Syllabus
• Content and Language Integrated Learning: CLIL
• Different learning approaches such as BBL, BL, MI, TPR, inquiry-based, and content-based

  • Provides full services for both students and teachers by supplying learning resources, teacher’s training & network, and standardised assessment

Why Can Do?

Here are the many reasons why Can Do should be your education choice.

  • Approved by Anglia Examinations, U.K. as appropriate materials for Anglia Examinations.
  • Adopts international English.
  • Covers a comprehensive set of fun and engaging learning resources.
  • Uses the context of Asian culture.
  • Adheres to the principle of learning by doing.
  • Enhances creativity, essential thinking skills, and artistic values.
  • Produces user-friendly teacher’s book and ready-made lesson plans.
  • Offers standardised assessment.
  • Offers teacher training.
  • Now adopted by many schools in Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.